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A highlight of our favorite investigations. Find them all on YouTube!

Eastern Shore Farmhouse

Nestled on the eastern shores of Maryland, this two-story farmhouse holds over a century of unknown history waiting to be discovered. With almost no documented information available outside of a handful of names and dates, the team attempt to gather clues of its history through the haunting itself

Cresson Sanatorium

This historic tuberculosis sanatorium treated over fourty thousand people before being repurposed into a psychiatric hospital and finally a medium-security prison. With such intense history, its no wonder the energy in this massive complex is heavy

Forest Haven: The Garden Of Eternal Rest

Considered to be one of the deadliest institutions in United States history, this short lived psychiatric facility wreaked silent havoc on its patients for decades before being forced to shut down. Experience the origin of Charm City Paranormal in one of the most emotionally gripping investigations ever conducted

Laurels House of Horrors

This former abandoned movie theater turned halloween attraction has been the center point of strange and tragic events for nearly a century, creating a bizarre haunting that cannot be explained

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