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Portability meets power! Chattergeist Touch is a brand new paranormal investigation tool on the market created by Dimension Devices that packs an array of features into a pocket sized device, including dictionary mode, phonetic mode, magic 8-ball mode, Ouija mode, and more!


Utilizing Micro-EMF, Temperature & Radio-Frequency noise sensors, this tiny device is constantly scanning for environmental changes within very close proximity of itself to ensure you receive less false positive responses from interference caused by other equipment. 

On top of this, Chattergeist Touch is modular, expandable and includes free software updates for every user! Dimension Devices will be introducing new features that include new dictionary types, new functions, and physical extensions that can be plugged into the bottom of the device, offering even more possibilities. These extensions include the "Human Presence Radar," "Catball Mode," "Battery Pack," and "Wearable Straps" among others, ensuring your device remains future proof for many years to come!










Charm City Paranormal is proud to partner with Dimension Devices to bring an awareness to this incredible new piece of technology. After extensive field tests, we couldn't be happier with the results we've received thanks to the Chattergeist! A host of features packed into a solid, pocket sized device for a fraction of the cost. What's not to love!

Pre-orders are being accepted on the Dimension Devices website now. Click the button below to be redirected to their website, where you can get an in depth look at the features Chattergeist Touch has to offer and how it stacks up against the competition.

Chattergeist Main Menu-min.png

Chattergeist Touch Main Menu

Magic 8 Ball-min.png

Magic 8-Ball Mode

Ask questions and receive answers beyond "Yes" & "No". Create more interesting dialogue with the spirits!

Drawing Mode-min.png

Drawing Mode

Allow spirits to manipulate the device to create interesting abstract pieces.

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